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DIY Bathroom Window Privacy Film – Week 5

Our downstairs dungeon bathroom has been privacy-less for years and years, as you can see from the before picture. Inspired by the window privacy film DIY from our kitchen, I found this perfect post on 7th House on the Left that shared a Moroccan pattern stencil perfect for contact paper. So using the left over contact paper from the Kitchen Window Privacy Film DIY from week 2, I added much needed privacy to that bathroom (disregard the poopoo color wall, it will leave the bathroom soon, forever).

DIY window privacy film

So this project will really cost only $8! I used the Con-Tact Frosty 288 in. x 18 in. Clear Liner that I got at Home Depot: Con-Tact Frost Clear Liner.

supplies diy window privacy film

Then I used this handy Moroccan Pattern Stencil (click on the pdf link) that 7th House on the Left sweetly provided for all of us to use.

There aren’t any real instructions needed. Just measure your window to the contact paper, trace away using the stencil, then cut them up, and stick them to the window following your pattern.

The window privacy film DIY has been there three months and it looks the same as the first day – meaning, the contact paper has stuck very nicely (along with the kitchen one). Yay!

Best of all, I still have tons of contact paper… : P


PS: I’m 11 weeks behind… But I will eventually catch up!

Replace Your Window’s Insect Screen in 15 Minutes– Week 4

I never knew how easy it is to replace an insect screen. Replacing a raggedy, old, dirty, used up insect screen also makes a HUGE difference. We have that ugly galvanized window frame but combined with the ripped up insect screen, it is just a hideous sight.

Here is the before and after picture of my window:

Before and after replacing the insect screen.

Before and after replacing the insect screen.

I have an easy DIY project coming up to make the galvanized window frame look a little more pleasant without having to change the entire frame. Changing window frames would cost way too much money and time AND expert contractor to install. I can’t wait to do this project!

Anyway, proceeding to how to replace your window’s insect screen in 15 minutes!

You will need:

Supplies needed to replace insect screen.

Supplies needed to replace insect screen.

  1. Insect Screen Material
  2. Roller
  3. Spline (you could reuse the old one!)
  4. Scissors
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Small pliers (may not need if old spline is easy to remove)

You can get a little kit at Home Depot for less than $25 and it includes 36 inches by 25 feet of screen material, 60 feet of spline, and one roller. Here is the link for your reference:

Phifer Screen Kit


  1. Remove the insect screen by pulling up the lift tab and then pulling the screen panel towards you.

    replace insect screen

    Remove the window screen panel.

  2. Stick in the screwdriver in the corner where the spline is free and use it as leverage to yank out the old spline. You might need a pair of pliers to pull it out if it’s stubborn. Mine had over 20 years of grime and nasty build up so it was encrusted in the groove.

    replace insect screen

    Remove old spline from window screen panel.

  3. If you can’t reuse your old spline, cut a new piece that fits your screen by using the old spline as your measuring guide. Consider cutting an extra inch because sometimes as you insert the spline, you will notice the spline will be used up more than you expected.

    replace insect screen

    Remove old insect screen. Beware! Lots of dirt may come out as you pull it out.

  4. Cut a piece of the insect screen material that fits your window screen and add an inch on all sides as a precaution. You can trim it easily after you install it.
  5. Place the spline over the border of the window screen and use the roller to insert the spline into the window screen groove. Make sure the insect screen is aligned properly and has a tight feel but not too tight because you might end ripping it as you insert the spline into the groove.

    replace insect screen

    Insert spline over the new insect screen.

  6. Once you have the spline installed, use your scissors to trim the extra insect screen to make it seamless.

    replace insect screen

    Trim the extra insect screen.

  7. Insert the lift tab back on the lower right corner of the window screen.

    replace insect screen

    Don’t forget to put back the lift tab.

  8. Now you are ready to put the window insect screen back! First, insert the top then once it feels properly aligned push the screen down. You might have to use the lift tab to align it properly until you are happy with the fit.

    replace insect screen

    Put the window screen panel back.

Super easy to replace, right? Now you can open your windows again without worrying about insects coming in through the window!

PS: I will continue with the remaining 10 days of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China but I want to move on to catch up with the past couple of months of DIY projects : )

Easy DIY Window Privacy Film – Week 2

I was eyeing cute window privacy films made by Brume. I love the window film called “Cutlery,” which looks like this:

Window Privacy Film

Brume Window Film Cutlery


But that “Cutlery” window film costs $75 for one 21.5 inches by 31.5 inches (or around 55 cm by 80 cm). Times that by two, it would cost me over $150, plus shipping costs (if they even ship to the US).

A better alternative is to DIY a custom window privacy film for less than $20!

Here is the kitchen window before:

Kitchen Windows BEFORE

Kitchen Windows BEFORE

A very ugly sight of the neighbor’s fence along with overgrown weeds, which I no longer have to look at!

Kitchen window looks like this after this easy DIY:

DIY Window Privacy Film

DIY Window Privacy Film


For this easy DIY, you will need:

  1. Frosty contact paper (I bought the Contact Paper Frosty 18″ x 24′ for $7.47)
  2. Black contact paper for the cutouts (I bought the Black Faux Leather Contact Paper 18″ x 15′ for $7.47 – it’s a beautiful textured black contact paper)
  3. Pen or marker
  4. Pair of scissors or utility knife or razor
  5. Measuring tape or ruler
  6. Stencils. You can download the heart cup stencil and “ENJOY” letters right here:
    DIY Kitchen Stencils


  1. Start by cleaning your window thoroughly. I use an ammonia based window cleaner to avoid any streaks.
  2. Measure your window with your measuring tape or ruler. My kitchen window is split into two 21.5 inches by 31.5 inches windows.
  3. Based on your windows’ size, decide what layout you will use with your contact paper.The contact paper I bought at Home Depot is 18 inches wide. My kitchen windows were bigger by a couple of inches! Therefore, I ended using this layout to create seamless unity between my contact paper pieces.

    Kitchen Windows Layout

    Kitchen Windows Layout

  4. Decide the size of your stencils. Try out two to three sizes and place them on different angles on your window to see what looks best on your window.
  5. Cut out your stencils from your paper printout using either a pair of scissors or utility knife. If using a pair of scissors to cut the heart shape, just fold the cup in half and cut following the line like this:
    Heart Cup Stencil

    Heart Cup Stencil

    For the handle and letter “O,” you can use this same technique if you are using scissors. For the handle hole, just cut at an angle so your handle doesn’t come out round. Save your little heart cutout if you are going to use it as part of your stencils.

  6. Using your paper cutouts, trace onto the paper side of the contact paper. Make sure you use the inverse side of the letter “N” and “J.” Also, depending on which side you want your cup’s handle to face, trace it the opposite direction.

    Heart Cup Stencil

    Heart Cup Stencil

  7. Cut out your stencils that will go on top of your frosty contact paper using the same technique as #5.

    Heart Cup Stencil

    Heart Cup Stencil

  8. Cut out the frosty contact paper based on your windows’ size and layout and start sticking it to the window beginning with one of the bottom corners. Stick the contact paper to the window slowly. For any bubbles, just gently rub it with your fingertips. For any lining up problems, gently pull it away from the window to redo.
  9. Once you have your windows covered with your frosty contact paper, you are ready to place your stencils wherever you wish and you can stand back and admire your windows 🙂


Wasn’t that easy? And we still have a lot of contact paper left for other uses. So really, it’s even less than $20 for this DIY window privacy film! Share your windows in the comments section; I would love to see how it turned out!

Thanks for visiting Cleaning Junkie!

PS: In case you missed the downloadable heart cup stencil link above, here you go:
DIY Kitchen Stencils