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Photo Nostalgia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The day after we came back to Taiwan, we went shopping and spent quality time with everyone. I went through tons of old photos and I created a few collages. These photos are so precious. They are truly priceless.

I found a picture of my mom and dad when they were in about 18-20 years old. And here is me, a bit older than them but I thought it was interesting to see the resemblance.

mom dad me

Then, here is a black and white photo collage of my dad and his friends back in the day enjoying a picnic. Who would have thought? My dad never seemed the picnic sort of guy. He seems to be around 20-22 years old…

dad picnic

Then, my dad in his early 30’s. Already a daddy to three beautiful children, my three oldest siblings. This is around the time he met my mom. What a handsome couple they made : )


I found photos of my siblings as babies. Sooo cute!!

First, there were two munchkins.

Love between sisters, priceless.


Angry oldest sister hahahaha My dad said she was annoyed and didn’t want to take a picture. Then my second oldest sister couldn’t see because of the glare and didn’t want to take a picture. So then, oldest sister is giving her the stink eye hahahahahaha

angry sisters

Then, there were three munchkins.

park siblings

Their innocence was lost and the three of them became a scary neighborhood gang, spear-headed by none-other-than my second oldest sister. She drove around the neighborhood showing who’s the boss. She also hauled all three of them in one bike with training wheels with her brute strength. But the real boss, was the oldest sister. She shows off her position in the clan by crossing her arms over.

siblings biking

The littlest of the three munchkins, grew up cuter and cuter. And now as an adult, he looks exactly the same with that mischievous look on his face. He’s a pacifist so he retired from the gang and he enjoys long strolls at the park while he picks flowers.


This is also another priceless picture in my collection. Grandparents when they were younger and a more recent photo in the middle.

ama akon

If all I did in this trip was look at family pictures, then I would have been equally happy. I’m so thankful for having gone on this trip. I’ve waited so long to see the other part of my genes.

Better late than never :’)

PS: I only have three days of Taiwan posts left. Wow.