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Last Day in China: Xiqiao Mountain

Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2

On our last day in China, we went to Xiqiao Mountain, which sits on a dormant volcano in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. That’s a mouthful… Xiqiao Mountain has over 200 springs, nearly 30 waterfalls, nearly 50  caves, and over 70 peaks! I wonder why there were barely any visitors. There is so much to see here and it’s a very beautiful place.

We started our tour with issues at the very entrance. Apparently they check the driver’s license and it has to be a Chinese national. Otherwise, you cannot go in. Then they charge a fee per person and they take a quick picture of the car before entering. Once we passed the entrance, we began our drive up the mountain to our first stop: Nanhai Guanyin Culture Park.

Nanhai Guanyin Culture Park

Yet another gigantic Buddha statue – this one is over 200 feet (60 meters) high! It is of the Guanyin goddess as I explained back in my post on Self-Guided Tour of Lotus Pond. But this statue is the South China Sea Kwan Yin goddess. Even though I saw many temples while in Taiwan, I’m still amazed by them. I love the spectacular views from the bottom and from the top. They are both such different views. I love the tradition of burning incense, the ringing of the gong, the walk up the stairs as you get closer to the statue, and the small shrines inside the giant statue.

This park reminded of the Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung but a lot more compact.

nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain

nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain nanhai guanyin xiqiao mountain

After walking around the Nanhai Guayin Culture Park, we made quick stops here and there before heading back to Dongguang. It’s too bad we weren’t able to see the caves and cliffs though!

Small Stops in Xiqiao Mountain

We made a quick stop to see the Leafless Well. It’s called leafless because although a tree is over the well, there is never a leaf inside it. But I beg to differ. There was a leaf in there… I have a terrible quality picture to prove it haha Also, there is a belief that if you drop a coin, it will hover on the top of the well before sinking slowly moving back and forth like a leaf. We tested it a few times, and nope. The coins all dropped immediately and sank straight down. My dad’s friends said that maybe it worked with the older coins but the new ones are too heavy. Hmmh… Possibly…

xiqiao mountain

Then, we walked around a small neighborhood with no living person. Everything was either closed off with chains or it was abandoned and overgrown with trees and weeds. We made a final stop at the Sifang Bamboo Garden to see the famous square bamboo. Supposedly it only grows in that area of China. But I did my googling around and it appears there are other places where this peculiar square bamboo grows! ] And if you are wondering, the scientific name for the square bamboo is: Chimonobambusa Quadrangularis. You’re welcome ; P

sifang bamboo garden xiqiao sifang bamboo garden xiqiao sifang bamboo garden xiqiao

I’m very sad I didn’t see more of China. There is so much to see there but it’s so intimidating because it’s so big, not a lot of people speak English, and it can be dangerous if you are not with someone who knows their way around. But I’m optimistic I’ll come back eventually to see more!

Last Few Days in Taiwan

We returned to Taiwan the next day and we were all feeling down in anticipation of our departure back to our lives. My third aunt came by to see us and sadly, this is the only day we took pictures with her. She always brought us fruits and she is very sweet, quiet, and polite. All my aunts and uncle and dad look similar. My grandma has very strong genes! Now all my siblings and I look alike my dad, which means, we look like my grandma.

family in taiwan

I only have four more days left of my trip to Taiwan. I can’t believe I came back a month and a half ago. Life moves too fast.