Highest Viewing Platform in Hong Kong

Sunday, February 24, 2013 – Day 26

victoria peak hong kong

360 degree view of Hong Kong from The Sky Terrace.

Continuing on our quest to be the best tourists we can be, we couldn’t miss a spot flooded with other tourists. My dad’s friend took us to the scenic and popular, Victoria Peak. The only way to get to The Peak is by taking the historic Peak Tram.

peak tram hong kong

On our way up, passing Macdonnell Road.

peak tram hong kong

Snapped a quick shot of the historic tram. Like the Photoshop effect? :P

The Peak Tram has been in operation since 1888 and it was the first funicular railway in Asia.  The tram ride to The Peak is only five minutes long and 1.4 kilometers, or less than one mile. At Victoria Peak, there is the Sky Terrace which provides beautiful 360 degree panoramic view. The Sky Terrace is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong sitting 552 meters, or 1,811 feet, above sea level. You do have to pay about $5 to get access to The Sky Terrace.

You can find out all about the popular peak at The Peak.

victoria peak hong kong victoria peak hong kong victoria peak hong kongvictoria peak hong kong

victoria peak hong kong

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