Just Arrived to Hong Kong!

Wednesday, February 21, 2013 – Day 22

We just flew into Hong Kong and settled in. Hong Kong is a very beautiful city full of tall and skinny buildings ALL OVER. There are so many apartments! It’s crazy. And these little, tiny, apartments are ridiculously expensive. Anyway, dad and I were crammed sharing one tiny room at my dad’s friend’s house/apartment. These were three long nights of taking cough/cold medicine and using ear buds to sleep through the night. Dad never knew he snores. I think he’s still in denial hahaha It also didn’t help that I got sick when I got to Hong Kong with a dry cough that wouldn’t go away. I think it may have been the pollution, plus second-hand cigarette smoke?

So since I have no pictures of this day to share, I can finally share the photos and videos from my cell phone that I couldn’t upload while in Taiwan!

* Need more Salvador Dali mustache! From our trip to the Salvador Dali Expo – Salvador Dali Art Exhibition in Kaohsiung

salvador dali taiwan

Salvador Dali, where is my mustache?

* Another moped ride with dad when we went shopping together from the “There is Such Thing as Too Much” post

dad moped

Dad got the handle of the moped. It’s like riding a bike – you don’t forget.

* Remember the orchestra at Lotus Pond that played for hours that I mentioned in the “Self-Guided Tour of Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung” post? I finally uploaded a short clip. I’m surprised at the quality of the video taken by my cell phone. It’s very clear 🙂

Click here for the video: Orchestra at Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung for Chinese New Year

* If you are curious of the High Speed Rail (HSR) train ride, I uploaded two videos taken from our trip up to Taipei from Kaohsiung mentioned in the “Getting from Kaohsiung to Taipei” post.

Here is the first video, taking off from the Zuoying Station:

High Speed Rail in Taiwan Part 1

Here is the second video, with a view of a small town in Taiwan:

High Speed Rail in Taiwan Part 2

I have many videos from Fo Guang Shan that I need to upload. They deserve its own post. Watching them, is as if I’m there again. I’ll post them soon 🙂

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