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What Happened to the Taiwan Trip Posts?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 – Day 21

I’m back in the States and I can’t believe how behind I am with the pictures from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. But I’m going to try to do these quickly so I can resume to the 52 DIY projects!

Maokong Gondola in Taipei

My dad’s friend and his wife and daughter took us out the entire day to do sight seeing in Taipei. They first took us for lunch at Taipei 101 then to the Maokong Gondola located in the southern tip of Taipei then back to Taipei 101 for dinner. We rode the gondola from the bottom starting at the Maokong Station all the way to the top ending at the Taipei Zoo Station in about 25 minutes. Then, we came back down and made stops at the Taipei Zoo South Station and the Zhinan Temple Station. There is a lot to see at each station and everything is surrounded by mountains. The scenery is gorgeous even on a rainy day. I can only imagine how pretty the views on a clear day.

You can find everything you need to know before heading to the Maokong Gondola in their website right here: Maokong Gondola in Taipei. It has how to get there, cost of riding the gondola, operating hours, etc… I would recommend planning to spend at least 4 hours here if you want to stop at each station. I’m sure you could spend the whole day here!

Also, they have a clear floor in a few of the gondolas. These are called “Eyes of Maokong Gondola” and you pay a little more for riding these. You also wait A LOT longer for riding these “glass” gondolas. They have been scratched over time due to wear and tear from people walking on it but you can still see down relatively well. We rode the regular gondolas because the waiting time was ridiculous. Oh, yeah, and because my dad is afraid of heights hehe Another discovery – dad likes Asian pastries, dad likes Taiwanese shaved ice, and dad has a fear of heights.

Well, I don’t have any interesting background story to these pictures but it was cold. So when visiting, make sure you are dressed in layers since it gets windy AND cold at the top. Also, bring an umbrella because there is always a chance of rain in Taipei. And don’t wear heels. My new friend, Cherry, was wearing heels and I don’t think her feet were feeling comfortable.

Being back home is bittersweet. I was pretty homesick but now I miss dad.

That is life.