I Have a Confession to Make

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 – Day 15

I am homebody at heart but maybe you already knew that. I can’t lie to myself, going out everyday is so tiring. I was happy to take some time off this morning to, just take a wild guess… CLEAN! Having everything clean and tidy makes my heart flutter in happiness.

Then late afternoon, my cousin took me to a Chinese New Year’s carnival in Downtown Fengshan. Along the carnival I was able to sneak in some shopping for small gifts. And I found socks for myself so I got 15 pairs of socks for about $6 total! I also got these amazing black suede wedge booties!

kaohsiung night market shopping

$13 Black Suede Wedge Lace-Up Booties

Here is a picture of the bustling street in Downtown Fengshan. Can you believe they don’t have a movie theater in this town?? We have to go to Kaohsiung Arena to watch a movie!

kaohsiung night market shopping

Downtown Fengshan

Well, nothing really that interesting to share… However, I did get very close to barfing when I got a very close and personal whiff of that stinky tofu. That was a close call – not pleasant at all. But then again, the air in Taiwan is just so HEAVY with all sorts of smells. I miss non-smelly air.

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