Tuesday, February 12, 2013 – Day 14

The day before, I walked around for nearly five hours while shopping. So much walking, that I had holes on my socks from the friction between my big toe and my shoe! My Aunt, Grandma, and Cousin were laughing so hard when they saw my sad socks. I’ve been walking around so much that I have thrown away three pairs of socks. I only brought six pairs. I need new socks to say the least.

Then on Tuesday (AKA today), we went to a small town an hour away from Kaohsiung, where my oldest aunt lives. She has the cutest laugh ever. Last time my dad saw her was about seven years ago…

visiting aunt

Visiting my oldest aunt in Tainan

Afterwards, we stopped by to eat, just the best dumpling soup I’ve ever had. Each dumpling was seasoned with lots of ginger, perfect amount of scallions, pork, and the most delicious flour texture EVER. The dumplings were accompanied by a hearty broth with finely chopped scallions. I was not surprised to see this place super crowded.

Then, before driving a long way to visit my dad’s friend in Tainan, we stopped by a sizzling-hot flower field exhibition. The temperature was unbearably hot and dry but the flower fields were beautiful.

flower fields taiwan

Photographer was annoyed I couldn’t stare straight into the blinding sun hahaha my bad….

flower fields taiwan

Flower fields in Southern Taiwan

flower fields taiwan

Can you tell how hot and uncomfortable I felt?

flower fields taiwan

With Ama, Aunt, and Dad

Never thought I’d say this, but I want to cover my entire self from the sun. No more wrinkles and sunspots 🙁 🙁 So sad…

flower fields taiwan

I’m turning into an old Asian lady, using an umbrella to cover myself from the sun…

I completely knocked out when we got back from Tainan at 10 pm and didn’t even change clothes. I was soooo exhausted. I woke up until 9 am!! That’s 11 hours straight of sleep!

I’m getting old.

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