Chubby Cheeks

Monday, February 11, 2013 – Day 13

Today was the third day of Chinese New Year in Taiwan. So for the first five days of Chinese New Year, there are lots of family meals, which means lots of eating! OMG, I can see my cheeks progressively getting cheekier and cheekier!!! GAHH! No more smiling with teeth hahahah

For our third family meal, we went to my uncle’s and I met new family members! I met two girl cousins and their husbands and kids.

lunch dinner

Family picture with uncle’s family

Family lunch

With the cousins

family lunch

Dad, Uncle, and Ama

After lunch with the family, I went out with my other cousin to Central Park in Kaohsiung for some SHOPPING! I found cute stuff at reasonable prices, not super cheap for some, but still very good in comparison to the states!

After hours of digging through many little stores at the Liuhe Night Market near Central Park in Kaohsiung, I had bombdiggity Japanese fast food from a chain restaurant, called MOS. I had a rice burger with ginger beef and lettuce. Why can’t we have this fast food chain in Los Angeles?? Yummy.

Look at that burger - so conveniently put together for your enjoyment!

Look at that burger – so conveniently put together for your enjoyment!

From the second floor where we enjoyed our rice burger, we were people watching. Sorry for the terrible quality of this picture – but you get the gist – SO MANY PEOPLE.

shopping night market kaohsiung

Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

PS: AGAIN! I missed taking photos of the actual vendors. It’s not only that I get so blinded by all the stores, but there are sooo many people there. It’s claustrophobic. If I stop in the middle of the walkway, I might get stampeded to death or close to it! 😛

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