A Different Side of Sizihwan

Saturday, February 9, 2013 – Day 11

I met two cousins and one of them has been taking me out for the past three days. On Saturday, we spent the day at Sizihwan, same place from prior post – Cijin. But we explored more parts of it, it’s like a totally new place. We still haven’t ventured out on one whole side too. But anyway, here are tons of pictures from that day:

My dad hadn’t ridden a bike in decades!

sizihwan kaohsiung taiwan

Dad riding the bike in Sizihwan

And my dad never eats ice cream… But here is a rare moment where he is actually eating ice cream.

sizihwan kaohsiung taiwan

Dad and cousin eating Taiwanese shaved ice and ice cream

PS: Sorry, no stories with this post… Gotta shower and get ready and it’s late 🙁

PPS: Saw a bull terrier with a pink wig. Too cute!

My dad hadn't ridden a bike in decades!

Bull terrier with pink wig

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