Taiwan Turned me Into a Shopping Monster

Thursday, February 7, 2013 – Day 9

Last night my older cousin, Art, came home for Chinese New Year’s holidays. I was obnoxiously excited to talk to someone in English and socialize with someone closer to my age. I’ve been surrounded by people around my dad’s age and above.

My cousin doesn’t like living in Taipei. He says Taipei is too crowded, people are always in a rush, and there is a long wait time for everything. Sounds like Los Angeles and any other big city to me haha But I am curious to see Taipei – I’ll find out on February 18!

Even better, my cousin took me shopping to a market in Kaohsiung City all afternoon today. We took the newest subway system in Kaohsiung, MRT. I love riding subways, metros, or trains. They are just so convenient and it amazes how everything and everyone just synchronizes to get from one place to another. We are like robots.

My cousin tells me about how expensive the infrastructure to the entrances to this new MRI subway system is and how it is privately owned. And that they are not as popular as expected. It has an airport feel. It is so big and there are so many levels and connections and entrances. You can easily get lost trying to find the right train. Overall, it is a really comfortable train ride – very spacious, smooth, and clean.

MRT station kaohsiung

Me at the MRT station in Kaohsiung.

The Dome of Light Kaohsiung

The Dome of Light at the MRT station in Kaohsiung.

MRT station kaohsiung

One of several entrances to Formosa Boulevard MRT station in Kaohsiung.

Here are today’s finds. I got a lot of things for so cheap – about $55 USD!

taiwan shopping

$8 USD see-through baby blue and white lace button shirt

taiwan shopping

$8 USD dark denim long sleeve button shirt

taiwan shopping

$8 USD plaid baby blue, baby pink, and white long sleeve button shirt

taiwan shopping

$6 USD beige platform lace up booties

taiwan shopping

$6 USB grey suede daytime wedges

taiwan shopping

$5.50 USD each skinny belt: black, blue, black

I get too excited at these markets – I forget to take pictures but next time, I’ll take market pictures to post!

PS: Found this sweater – Little Pussy lol

taiwan shopping

Little Pussy hoodie

PPS: Here is a shot of the sunset with 85 Sky Tower’s silhouette.

sunset 85 sky tower kaohsiung

85 Sky Tower in background at sunset.

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