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Am I Still Spontaneous?

February 2, 2013 – Day 4

This morning, I was ready to go at the usual time, 8:10 am, when my aunt knocked on the door and asked if I wanted to go hiking. I was excited to do some exercise since I’ve been eating non-stop for the past three days. I was ready to go sweat a little in my workout outfit when my dad knocked on the door. He tells me, “let’s just stay home today so you can do my laundry.” LOL “Sure” I thought, that sounds like a plan. So I change back to my stay-at-home yoga pants and care bears shirt. I get the black clothes loaded in the washer machine when my dad announces, “the washer machine motor doesn’t work but someone will come later to fix it.” I’m now slightly irritated, not because I’m doing laundry, I am happily doing our laundry, but because I missed out on exercising and plans changed three times.

I’m not much of a spontaneous person I suppose.

Well, may be I would be if someone said, get ready to go to Taroko National Park. I’d be flying of excitement across the room. Then if plans change to, never mind about Taroko, get your clothes ready to go to an amazing island in Thailand. I’d be like, “of course, of course, let’s go!” hahah But the plans went from: 1) I don’t know what we are doing today but dad said to be ready by 8:10 am, to 2) aunt said let’s go hiking at The Mountain, to 3) stay home to do laundry, to 4) just stay at home.

So, there is still a possibility I am a very spontaneous person if the occasion came up!

Anyway, so now I’m at home happily chatting all day with my honey buns. My dog, Scooter, just wasn’t interested in chatting with me and couldn’t recognize my voice or focus on the screen to see my face of excitement. But it’s OK, I was a happy girl to see my two loves just a computer screen away over the interwebz. So close yet so far. It’s been three days of not seeing each other but just emailing short emails, call me needy, but I just miss both of them so so much…

But hold on to your knickers. My dad was on a roll of spontaneity today. After an hour or so, when I was in the midst of skyping and giggling like a little school girl, my dad says, “my friend is here, get ready he’s going to take us out.” Now at this point, I’m in my home clothes already, and better yet I’m being swallowed by the couch as I strategically slouch my way into it, so I tell my dad, “no, no, go enjoy yourself, I can stay home, I’ll be here with grandma.” His face lit up with a BIG smile and says OK and bolts out the door while letting out a giggle or two. LOL. Reminded me of a little boy whose mom just let him out to play with his buddy. I’m sure he had been dying to get some alone time with a friend, I totally understand.

Shortly after breakfast, we snack of some delicious oily buns and my grandma starts pointing at my bony fingers and starts taking off one of her rings and I’m trying to tell not to give me anything. The ring was double the size of my finger so I was relieved. Then she takes a re-sizable ring and tells me to put it on. Gahh! I feel so bad, I don’t want her to give me her ring because she already gave an adorable stuffed cat that her friend handmade. Ultimately, I was no match to my grandma’s insistence.

As the day goes on, I continue chatting with the boyfriend while my grandma sits next to me making these special hats for dad and I to take with us for everyone. Manny is glaring at me from across the room. I smile back at Manny as if he knows what a smile is. It might as well be a glare back to him because he just completely ignores me and gives me the cold shoulder – literally turns his little head and body facing away from him. But I’ve made some progress, sometimes, when he’s feeling generous, Manny lets me pet him for a couple of seconds without growling. He has a very tense little body I might add. It really does feel like his muscles are contracted, it could be because he is nine years old. Oh, how I miss cuddling with Scooter, my little Fatty McFatty.

black tibetan terrier

Manny is actually a Tibetan Terrier! He’s so cute but he hates me.

In the middle of the day, my grandma started insisting I take a nap. I think she thinks I spend too much time on the laptop and phone. I was trying to tell her I was OK and didn’t need to nap but then I realized that may be she was trying to tell me that SHE wanted to take a nap and to go upstairs hahahaha Miscommunication at its finest.

Later at night, my dad is back home and well-rested from a nice nap (I heard his snores from across the hall). He tells me, “you should have come! My friend took me to a river and it was so pretty!” I’m glad he enjoyed himself. Actually, I have never seen my dad this relaxed. He’s been so relaxed since he arrived to Los Angeles.

PS: Get ready for tomorrow’s photos! So many photos!