Eating, Eating, and More Eating

Friday, February 1, 2013 – Day 3

It’s only been three days but I feel like I depend on relatives to take me out. It was expected but I just want to run at the park to exercise on my own for 30 minutes. But I’m hesitant to even go to the park half a mile from the house because of our first day’s little adventure getting lost. If I had a phone on me, I’d feel safer. I’m thinking of getting a temporary sim card or phone while I’m here. Makes more sense since I still have 33 days to go.

Today we went to The Mountain again but this time my grandma and aunt came and I was amazed at how much strength my 92 year old grandma has. The walk up into The Mountain has many stairs and she kept on shooshing us to go ahead once we got to the top. She seemed to start getting irritated that we are right behind her so we went forward. We also unexpectedly hiked for 30 to 45 minutes. Even though it was a very nice easy hike, I was wearing a cardigan long sleeve shirt, boots, jeans, so I was sweating within 10 minutes.

Hiking in Taiwan

Hiking with dad in non-hiking clothes


After our hike, we found my grandma on a see-saw leg swing thingy-ma-jig exercising.

Grandma on leg swing

Grandma on leg swing

Grandma on leg swing

Grandma on leg swing with dad


She thought I was taking a photo but I was recording her and she’s getting quite some exercise:

Grandma Exercising on Swing

Then she asked me to come with her to a bed of bamboo where she was doing leg lifts, sit ups, and full on stretches! I can’t even touch my toes lol

Grandma Leg Lift

Grandma doing sit ups and leg lifts

And I recorded her stretching:

Grandma Stretching

While we were on the bamboo bed, her friend, who speaks very good English approached us. After chatting for a little bit, he offered me hot soybean milk. He was very kind but he served me milk in a dirty ass mug where he just tossed left over milk someone else had drank. I didn’t want to be rude, I kept waving my hand no and saying “xiexie, xiexie” but I accepted the mug of milk when he kept insisting because he gave the puppy eyes… Then my grandma came to the rescue!!! Thank God!! I can’t understand a thing she said but she was rubbing her tummy and waving her hand in a no gesture. So I gave the milk back, happily and said “bukechi” or my butchered version of “sorry.” The older man was sad but I was relieved I wasn’t going to get diarrhea (possibly!). My dad translated for me and she was telling him that we are going to have lunch and the milk will give us a stomachache once mixed with the soup so we can’t take it. Who knew? And thank you, universal body language.

Anyway, we just had breakfast at 8:15 am then at 10:30 am, we were having lunch (white carrot soup and a bowl of clear noodles chow mein). Then at 11:00 am, my second aunt came to take us out for her birthday lunch at a buffet style shabu shabu. Two lunches… Yup, I’m going to come back with 20 pounds extra in my belly.

Lunch shabu shabu

Second lunch at shabu shabu buffet

Our second lunch was delicious but I was too stuffed to get seconds, what a waste since I was at a buffet restaurant. I met my cousin’s son, Eric, and his girlfriend, Emily, which makes me his aunt. Mind you, he is 23 years old.

Lunch shabu shabu

My cousin-nephew (?), dad, second aunt and her husband

Lunch shabu shabu

Group picture for my second aunt’s birthday lunch


So night time came and I still had no plans for going out so I was bored. Thankfully, my pregnant cousin, Yun, and her husband, took me out to the night market shopping. As we were heading out the door, my dad said I was going to ride with my cousin’s husband because she is pregnant and can’t carry me along with her on her moped. It was a bit awkward but as soon as I got on the moped, awkwardness went flying out the door, or shall I say street. It was so much fun to ride the moped at night! Not too fast and fast enough to feel the speed lol What a dare devil moped rider, right?

When we got to the night market, I was too excited that I forgot to take out my camera to take pictures. We fished with a tissue paper, and I was terrible. At first, I was a bit disappointed of the night market – minus the fishing and super duper adorable dwarf rabbits! The night market looked like an oversize fair with lots of stinky tofu smell lingering in the air. But as we walked a little more, there were so many clothes, shoes, and hair accessories vendors! It was a night time flea market galore and it closes until 2 am! I was happily shopping until it started sprinkling. I just got a couple of long sleeve shirts for about $6 each! I like cheap.

fobby sweater

$6 beige shirt with fobby writing

blue sweater

$6 blue “whimsical” sweater


I must return to this night market for some more shopping. And this time, I will have some room in my belly for some smoothie, stinky tofu (which I have never tried), and fresh strawberries.

PS: To learn about “The Mountain” read my previous post: “The Mountain”

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